1020 Microgreen Trays

These 1020 microgreen trays, designed specifically for microgreen growing, are available now and shipped from a warehouse in New Zealand.

These shallow trays, at only 30mm high, are preferred by professionals as they use less medium and get better air flow across the roots for less chance of mold. The medium fills close to brim for easier harvesting near the roots for increased yield.

The patterned base disperses water evenly for easy bottom watering. The trays sit together for bottom watering, with a lip around outside edge for easy separation when watering.

These food grade microgreen trays are strong and durable so you can pickup full trays with a single hand to carry two around the room together.

Dimensions: 540mm x 285mm x 30mm

Fast Delivery: All orders packaged and couriered the next day.


Trays are available in pairs (one with holes, one without), or as additional no holes trays for use as “black out” lids
Bulk orders of 80 or more trays (40 sets, 80 no hole trays, or any combination of the two) receive a discount.
Trays sold under our standard warranty terms and conditions available on request.

Big thanks to OFE Microgreens for their video reference!

Microgreen Trays
Microgreen Trays