We work hard to deliver our customers a reliable supply of quality, locally grown, freshly harvested microgreens.

Freshly harvested,
Locally Grown,

Microgreens are power packed with nutrition, offering up to 100x more nutrients than mature plants.

Sustainably grown, in a local solar powered vertical urban farm, our microgreens are freshly harvested and delivered the same day.

We sell the below range of product options direct to green grocers and cafes/restaurants.

Power-Punch Microgreen Mix

Delicious & nutritious microgreen mix of Pea, Radish, Sunflower and Mustard.  For the right blend of tasty, freshness, with a tantalising dash of colour and slight spicy kick.

This is our most popular product and adds flavour and colour to any meal.

Microgreens outlast any other leafy green in your fridge which may have some relation to how healthy they are!

Available now at your local East Coast Bays green grocer

Power-Up Pea Microgreen

Pea microgreens with tasty, tender stems & decorative tendrils.  Having no spiciness they are a great substitute for traditional baby greens.

Not as delicate as many other microgreens, they are a great addition to kids lunch boxes as they stays fresh in their lunch box all day.

Loved by kids and adults alike.  Easy to eat by the handful for a quick power-up in the lunch box.  Don’t feel guilty when you reach for that glorious pie after munching on a handful of pea microgreens.

Available now at your local East Coast Bays green grocer